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Expo helps AI creators turn their expertise into revenue.

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Turn your AI expertise into revenue.

We believe that the world stands at the precipice of a new era in digital creation. This year Artificial Intelligence will transcend its nascent stages to become a cornerstone of creative empowerment as more creators and developers get involved.

We’ve built a service marketplace at the forefront of this revolution to bring maximum exposure to AI creators and help you build an audience and monetize your expertise.

We kindly invite you to join us on this journey. Whether you're a creator eager to showcase your AI-driven innovations or a consumer passionate about the latest in digital content.

For AI creators

Expo is currently in private beta so we're inviting and offering the best AI creators early access to help us test the platform.

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For clients

Whether you're looking for a Stable Diffusion expert, a freelancer to help with LoRA model training or character consistency, Expo is the perfect place to find and hire the best AI creators for your project.


A blend of technology and creativity.

Expo was founded in late 2023 by Oli Guei and Kevin McBride. Both alumni of Palantir, they have honed their skills in data analysis and software development, equipping them with the technical acumen to build and scale this platform.

Before Expo, Oli founded Forest - a community-driven e-commerce platform for sustainable products. Oli also has a background in backing consumer products with a portfolio that includes Replit and Monzo to name a few.

Kevin, an enthusiastic photographer and designer was early in embracing Midjourney, SDXL and various OSS AI tools to augment his skills and speed up his design process.

Together, we've combined our strengths in entrepreneurship, technology and creativity to build a platform that promises to elevate AI creatives and help them monetize their skills.