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How AI can transform your business

Cost savings


Generative AI reduces design time and can save you up to 80% per project. Embrace cost efficiency without compromising quality.

Speed to market


Speed up concept experimentations with AI.

Brand consistency


Ensure top quality work and brand consistency.

Transform your projects with AI

Work with our growing network of independent and skilled AI talent to enhance your projects with high-quality work done faster and at a lower cost.

AI Consulting

Book a consultation with an expert and learn how AI can be used to transform your business.

Model Training

Train language models to fit your project requirements with the expertise of LLM professionals.

Social Media Assets

Hire AI creators to turn every post into a conversation starter and increase your engagement.

Digital Ads

Revolutionize your ads with AI. Imagine copy that catches the eye and AI videos that stop the scroll.

Data Labelling

Hire experts to add meaningful and informative labels to your data to provide context.

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Expo is the only place to discover and hire skilled AI talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI talent?
An AI talent is a professional who leverages both artificial intelligence tools and human expertise to produce innovative design and solutions. AI talents are skilled in:
  • Developing applications powered by language models more effortlessly, including chatbots, question-answering, summarizers, and more.
  • Harnessing AI's capabilities while infusing essential human creativity.
  • Enriching AI-generated visuals with emotional depth and cultural resonance to better connect with audiences.
Can AI be creative?
AI is capable of generating beautiful patterns and designs, but it’s the fusion with human imagination that transforms the output into masterpieces. AI also assists creatives in several key areas:
  • Accelerating content production to adapt to market trends and consumer preferences.
  • Facilitating experimentation with various styles and formats.
  • Automating creative processes to save time and resources.
What is Generative AI?
Generative AI refers to a form of artificial intelligence designed to create new content that can mirror human-generated outputs across various media such as text, images, music, and videos. It operates by learning from a vast dataset of images, texts, and other media to recognize and interpret patterns.
Can I request a custom service?
Yes. Expo is home to a diverse range of AI talents who specialize in crafting custom solutions and designs that are specifically tailored to meet your unique requirements and business goals. To ensure you receive exactly what you need, we encourage you to clearly articulate your objectives when you message talents.

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